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All American made products:

www.soapscense.comSoapScense is a family-owned New York-based business that has patented a range of all-natural multi-functional soap products that are both economical and sweet-smelling. Our products are made from locally-sourced ingredients, they are environmentally-friendly and free of chemicals or preservatives. The first thing you will notice when you use our soap is how pleasant it feels on the skin, leaving you clean and subtly perfumed.   –               Everything we offer is made in the USA! So  buying our clothing makes you part of an exclusive group; a group that is proud of their country and the skilled crafters still producing goods here.         –  Yo Pitts! Food is a family-owned business based in New York. We provide our esteemed clients with premium quality, all-natural condiments made in-house. All our ingredients are sourced locally with no additives or preservatives to give you a perfect flavor that is also healthy always. We can cater to your full-flavored condiment needs for use at home, for a special event or for a restaurant. – For us, honey is more than just a food product, it’s a natural resource. Honey means so much beyond making that yogurt sweeter or that sandwich gooier. Simply, it helps us help others.

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